Vision Vapros Nunchaku Review

Vision is well known for their variable voltage battery series: the Spinner. This battery comes in many colors and is user-friendly for intermediate vapers. Vision’s popular VV Spinner is joined by a more powerful edition known as the Vapros Nunchaku. This is part of Vision’s Vapros line.

The Vision Vapros Nunchaku Variable Watt Mod

In Japan, the nunchaku is a martial arts weapon made up of two sticks tied together by a chain. It’s powerful and dangerous. With the Nunchaku, you get a 2000-mAh cell with variable wattage, so it’s powerful but, one hopes, not dangerous.

Adjust output from between 6 watts and 18 watts: pretty good for a small battery you could use with an iClear 16 or a CE5. You adjust watts using a dial at the bottom, a bit like the knurled knob on Spinner but with fewer, wider grooves and a more comfortable design.

Over-vaping cut-off time is 18 seconds. If you try to vape continuously for more than 18 seconds, the battery switches off automatically to let the battery cool down. That’s a bit longer than you are used to with lesser batteries, but the Nunchaku can handle it.

ED Lights

Up to 5 LED bulbs will light up to indicate your power level with this novel Vision battery indicator system. If all lights are on, your power level is 100%. When you see 4 lights, that means your device is at 80%. Go down the line by 20% increments until you only see 1 light (20%) which is your warning to turn off the battery and recharge it.

Adjustable Atomizer Threading

Use any 510 or eGo clearomizer or tank with the Nunchaku. Its flexible connection pin accommodates almost anything: Vision, Innokin, Kanger tanks, and more.


Vision Vapros Nunchaku Version 2

There is also a second version of the Nunchaku, but any upgrades must be minor as this looks to be the same product. Maybe Vision added some new designs to the 10 already available for Version 1.

They are Knight, Graffiti, Girl, Skull, plus assorted colors like pink, yellow, and purple. Sedate colors are also available. The Vision Vapros symbol appears on each one; an image which supposedly represents the Japanese nunchaku.

Buy the Vision Vapros VW Nunchaku

You will notice the Nunchaku is becoming more widely available in recent months. Businesses are adding it to their lineup, but this is not classified as a Spinner or an eGo battery.

Expect to see it under “variable watt devices” or check under “Vision” if a website gives you the option to search for products by brand. The price for this VW battery is around $35, give or take a couple of dollars.

More from Vision Vapros

Vision also released several other products in their Vapros line. They include the iBox 1500-mAh 25W mod for sub-ohm vaping, a full 1650-mAh BDCC kit with variable voltage battery and clearomizer, the V-Spot Atomizer for their iBox, and an iEnergy electronic cigarette. China’s Vision Manufacturing is becoming one of the best known companies in the e cig industry, revving up to rival Smok, Innokin, Kanger, and Joye with their innovative designs and affordable prices.

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