Vapros 1299 Review

Vision has recently released several products from what they call their Vapros line. This selection of electronic cigarettes and tanks includes a complete electronic cigarette: the 1299 kit.

This package, costing around $60 from authorized retailers, is sure to please anyone you know who wants a bit more power than the usual eGo battery will provide, but not so much power as to be intimidating.

Vapros 1299 Kit

There are two parts to the package, one of which comes apart into further pieces. Basically, though, you get a clearomizer and a battery. The clearomizer (a BDCC) holds up to 5 ml of liquid and provides resistance of 1.5 or 1.8 ohms: low, but not sub-ohms.

It comes apart too so you can change the atomizer heads either to switch to a different resistance or replace burnt-out Bottom Dual Coils. The drip tip is also removable so you can choose your favorite one.

Wherever you purchase the Vapros 1299 Kit by Vision, replacement coils and drip tips will also be available. Look under “starter kits” or “eGos” since this is a beginners-intermediate device that won’t take much getting used to.

Battery Power

The battery measures 1650 mAh; about enough for a day, perhaps 1 ½ days of vaping once it is fully charged. This can take about 5 to 6 hours using the USB charging port on your battery, the charging time being indicative of how long you can expect your battery to last. Since you probably do not vape for 6 continuous hours, a full day of use is realistic.

Central Power Button

This button is our on/off switch. Press it five times in 2 seconds to turn it on or off. Switch over to three quick presses to read the output. At the center of your power button there is a light which shows your power level.

At 3.2 volts, it glows orange. When your output is 3.8 volts, you see a pretty blue glow. A white light indicates you are at maximum output: 4.3 volts. There are no other buttons; this is a completely user-friendly product for the intermediate or even new vaper.

The Draw of Beautiful Design

Vapros 1299

Vision is setting their devices apart from those by Eleaf, Innokin, Smok, and others but also from their Vision Spinner series. Colors and designs are subtly different. With the 1299 kit, you can choose black, blue, red, or steel.

Parallel grooves contribute to a geometric style which also includes flattened portions which will prevent your battery from rolling and also provide extra grip. The result is subtler and more futuristic than the Nunchaku; more sophisticated and mature, even though this is a technically simpler vaporizer.

Threading Connector

A 1299 kit is a complete e cig, but you might wish to change the clearomizer sometimes. There are days when you crave the ease of a top-fill system or you might reserve certain tanks for particular flavors or styles of flavors so as not to taint coils with competing tastes.

The 1299 is eGo-threaded but comes with a 510 collar which allows you to switch over to 510 tanks instead. Joye, Vision, Aspire, Kanger, and Innokin clearomizers and tanks are all suitable for use with the 1299 kit.

Also by Vision

I mentioned the 2000-mAh Nunchaku VW battery, a competitor with the Aspire CF but visually more arresting. Their Vapros line also includes VW iBox for up to 25W and vaping as low as 0.5 ohms.

For the 1299, you could change over to their V-Spot Atomizer which only holds 2 ml but is capable of the same resistance as a 1299 clearomizer and which uses a vertical dual coil. You could also use the 5-ml 1299 tank on a Vision Spinner battery.

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