Vaporfi Pulse Review

VaporFi’s online business has grown; the number of shops they operate has risen and they are spreading across the country: can VaporFi make a wrong move?

Although only a couple of years old, the business is catching up with relative veterans to claim spots near the top of customer and pundit charts to become one of the best-selling, most reliable e cig companies today. Where does the Pulse fit into this picture?


VaporFi Pulse Review

The Pulse is one of the most stunning e cigs from VaporFi, at the very least. Going by looks alone, it is sure to catch many vapers’ attention, particularly ones who have outgrown the Express.

The Pulse has the appearance of a product too complicated for new vapers, yet it is not much different from the Pro in many respects.

A lot of the hype is skin-deep.

If beauty is what you look for in an e cig, the Pulse has it, but you don’t graduate from the Pro to the Pulse; they have too much in common.

A Picture of Perfection

After turning the device on, a small but clear LCD screen near the bottom of the Pulse battery, right below the VaporFi logo, glows blue as it operates.

The screen shows how many puffs you have taken and the battery charge, though not the voltage. For all its high-tech appearance, the Pulse is not an APV.

There is a blue ring around the base that glows blue as well to show the battery is working, which it does for hours.

This is a long-lasting 650-mAh battery. Each kit comes with two of them.

The primary attention-grabber here is a circular charger which features its own glowing ring: blue for charged, red for charging. There is a stand and a charger included in the kit which costs $119.99 with a USB cable, wall adapter, and two 2.5-ml cartomizers. Although these are supplied, the Pulse works with Pro-L, Pro-XL, Platinum, Titan, Premium, and Clear tanks so you have lots of choices.

Glass Tank

This is a tank that will take your tube crackers easily because glass is stronger than plastic in that sense. You will also find that the tank does not leak and the wicks saturate juice beautifully. Wick/head replacements are available separately to prolong the life of your tank. It’s a bit tough to fill, though.

Looks and Substance

Whereas the Pro provides almost total satisfaction in its class, the Pulse gets a few thumbs down: not all the way down, but enough to take away a star or two. Customers using this unit are a little disappointed in the charging system.

Although a USB cable is supplied, apparently one has to use the circular charger to re-energize the battery. The USB cable applies to the circular charger only.

Then again, it’s not a bad little unit either. You were going to buy an eGo stand anyway: why not combine charger and stand into a dual-purpose item? It’s a hard-working device after all.

E Liquid

VaporFi also carries e liquid for their customers; American made stuff mixed in an FDA-approved environment from high quality ingredients. VaporFi lists these ingredients and goes into full detail about them on their website.


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