V2 Cigs 3-in-1 Series 3 Review

In the short time since its release, reviews for V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 vaporizer pens are already streaming in and demonstrating why V2 Cigs so often top the e cig charts. Their latest device is capable of a lot — more than most e cigs in the market. Better than that, it uses technology not seen anywhere else: a magnetic connection.

Cutting Apron Strings

Vapers have been tied to the apron strings for a long time, relying on devices using the screw-connection method. There are a few problems with this method. For one thing, the connection can look awkward, even when threading is compatible. When it isn’t, an adapter creates a messy appearance. Although cones and rings help to rectify this issue, the fact remains that screw threads sometimes look untidy.

They can also get sticky. If you ever got stuck screwing the lid back on a jar of pickles, you know how hard this mistake can be to fix without breaking the glass. The same is true of sticky threads. Low-quality devices feature rough threads that resist best efforts to gently connect pieces together or disconnect them. A poor connection makes vapor airy and unsatisfying.

The magnetic connection of a V2 Cigs 3-in-1 removes threading issues and also unifies the exterior appearance of this electronic cigarette/vaporizer. The connection is made sturdier by the fact that your cartridge slots into a portal shaped to accept its size and shape. All cartridges feature the same dimensions, but smart technology differentiates each one for the benefit of V2 Cig’s Pro Series 3 rechargeable battery.

Pro Series Battery

This is smart technology indeed. All you have to do is place a cartridge into its portal and turn on the battery. It knows right away whether your cartridge is the e liquid, herbal, or essential oil container made to go with it.

Once the battery has read this information, it automatically adjusts the temperature to suit your material. Later models (Series 7 and 9) will feature manual button temperature adjustment, Series 9 being a digital model with an LCD screen.

Buying the Pro Series 3

For $59.99, you can own the base. But it’s useless without at least one cartridge since no other company has introduced magnetic connections yet. That’s the price you pay to replace your battery when it runs out of juice.

A starter kit costs $62.26 and features the e liquid cartridge with a USB charger cable. Add a Loose Leaf cartridge for $26.92 and, once it is released later this year, an essential oil version for the same price. E liquid from V2 Cigs costs $18.26 for 25 ml. Add an extra USB charger for $10.72, a wall adapter or a car charger for $10.72 each.

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Funky USB

There will be no guessing games when it comes to charging the Pro Series 3. A perimeter light around the USB charger shows the status of your charge. Its long cord is highly convenient for charging in awkward places.

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 Review

Consumers have been pleasantly surprised by the life of their Pro Series 3 battery. It lasts a long time. E liquid lasts long enough to get up to 800 puffs out of a full cartridge. If one could just remove the battery from this unit that would make it cheaper. Once its last charging cycle has been accomplished, customers will need a whole new base unit for $60.

Many comparisons are being drawn between the EX by V2 Cigs and this new offering. The EX is better than a Classic with longer lasting batteries and cartomizers, but the Pro Series 3 is better. Fill and recharge it less often. Enjoy cleaner flavor. You will be surprised by just how much vapor and how strong a throat hit you experience.

In spite of the feats it is capable of, the Pro Series 3 is very small. Although referred to as a pen-style vape, this 3-in-1 is more like a chunky felt pen, but still very small. It will fit into your pocket discretely.

Beautiful Technology

V2 Cigs’ latest product is also elegant. That portal-system mentioned above gives it the streamlined looks other e cigs are lacking. You know how a horizontal line on clothing cuts vertical lines in half and makes the person wearing it appear fat or squat. The same is true of e cigs, but that problem is gone. Available colors are blue, grey, and black. This is a graceful little machine for vapers using all types of materials.

Rated Against the Best

On the Vaporizer market there are some clear winners: the PAX by Ploom, Firefly, and Atmos Raw. V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 vaporizers could soon join them on a list of the best portable devices. Give it time and let customers test the unit some more, but consumers expect nothing but good things from V2 Cigs, a reliable e cig veteran.

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