Tesla Sidewinder 25W Review

If a battery does not offer variable wattage these days, it barely counts as a vaping device, at least not one for serious and experienced consumers.

They are becoming more common, cheaper, and increasingly user-friendly. Even someone with very little vaping experience can come to grips with a variable watt battery easily if it is something as simple as the Tesla Sidewinder 25W mod.

Paying for Power

I am going to highlight right away that I have seen this battery sold at very different prices:

  • One extreme is about $30: cheap where the Sidewinder is concerned.
  • Another store had listed Tesla’s VW battery at $45.

These were both well-known, trusted, reputable US e-tail stores selling assorted vaping gear. Maybe if I looked further, the more expensive one threw in something extra like a battery, or shipping was free and the other would have cost money to send.

Vape vendors often sell a few items very cheaply then make up their losses with other products in the catalogue, but I’m just telling you the range is huge.

Tesla Beauty

I love this mod for its simplicity. Tesla offers the Sidewinder 25W in just black or stainless steel.

The contact pin is made from copper-plated silver which provides excellent conductivity.

Use an 18650 battery for this 2200-mAh device which measures 22 mm: the standard width of RDAs and RBAs as well as many RTAs.

Thoughtful Atomizer Threading

Attach virtually any atomizer with a rating of 0.3 ohms and up; whichever one you think has aesthetic appeal in conjunction with the mod and suits your vaping style (tank or dripper).

The Tesla Sidewinder accepts most of them and reads resistance to ensure the coil resistance is not too low.

You will see resistance in ohms on the screen which also shows you watts and battery level. Since this is a VW unit, it will automatically choose voltage to correlate with your chosen watts and the resistance of your atomizer.

Adjustable Values

Change wattage by turning a knob: not at the base like a Spinner or eGo-Twist but around the power button. The other battery that does this is an iJust by Eleaf. This dial is knurled for grip. Your options span 5 to 25 watts and 1.2 to 8.5 volts.

Perfect Packaging

Vendors selling this item mention packaging because it comes with a special feature. The Tesla Sidewinder 25W mod comes with a mod stand built into the package so as to rest your device in an upright position.

Use this when the tank is attached and you want to take a break from vaping. Since your battery is removable, you will not need the stand for pass-through use: this isn’t a feature of the Tesla Sidewinder 25W.


Are you unsure of which atomizer to buy for use with this Tesla mod? Vendors usually make suggestions below the item you are considering.

One vendor listed a series of RDAs but several of the newest tank atomizers are also good candidates. Items like the Subtank Plus, Delta II, Herakles, and Arctic would look excellent atop the Tesla Sidewinder 25W.

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