KandyPens Gravity Review

Wax pens don’t have to look like boring and bland; so pen-like you might as well suck on the end of your Bic. The KandyPens Gravity is a new type of wax pen that gives you performance with style and some great, modern features discerning vapers have been waiting for. They just didn’t know it until now.

Special Atomizer

The atomizer inside of a vaping pen is the coil which heats wax. This part glows like a hot element on a stove. The Gravity by KandyPens is made from quartz crystal and is also made with a ceramic atomizer, not a coil. A coil provides battery-fueled heat without touching materials, so they are not affected by the flavor of burning metal.

Not only is this a tastier method, but ceramics also last longer than regular metal coils, adding to efficiency and life of your pen. A pair of quartz rods is wrapped in titanium coils within a chamber made of quartz crystal chamber, enabling the machine to maintain temperature extremely well and supplying a neutral environment for your wax.

KandyPens Gravity

Awards aren’t doled out every day in this industry, but KandyPens has already won some accolades in its class. The Gravity won for its clean flavor. It got points for style. The coils system is a winner too. SloBurn Technology won the judges over too.

But temperature control is something to crow about as well. Most pens operate at one level, but the Gravity allows vapers to select 300, 350, 390, or 430F. When the light comes on, it changes color to indicate which temperature you have arrived among these 4 pre-set values.

Gorgeous Pen

The outside is sandblasted and black, like the exterior of some outer-space body devoid of sun; the moon without exposure to that giant fiery star perhaps? Being sandblasted, the effect is textured rather than smooth but also shiny and attractive.

Glossy and rubber black are also available, but not as cool. With 510 threading, there could be some easy swapping of parts, especially mouthpieces, but that’s probably not going to happen. KandyPens installed a smooth, small, black piece that fits the tone and style perfectly.

In spite of its size, the Gravity manages to hold up to ½g of wax. The leak-free Elevated Air Flow System is another bonus.

A Pack of Wonderful Extras

Accessories with your purchase of the Gravity pen by KandyPens for about $130 are the battery and atomizer with a quartz crystal chamber, one coil-less ceramic dish atomizer with a ceramic chamber, a dab tool, cleaning articles, and a case.

The battery is charged via USB, so use the charger included to keep that battery up-to-date. Don’t just flash the Gravity around to make yourself look good; get the most out of it by following instructions on the card provided in your kit.

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