Innokin iTaste VV4 Review

In spite of all the innovations in vaping generally and at Innokin specifically, consumers come back to the Innokin iTaste VV4 time and again. They love its pillar-like shape, user friendly operation, and advanced features. Even though it looks high-tech and really is in many ways, the Innokin iTaste VV4 remains approachable even for new or reasonably new vapers.

Four Colors

Another reason people are drawn to the Innokin iTaste VV4 is that it comes in four colors, one of which is chromatic. A chromatic battery appears to change colors in different light. The other three options are still attractive but black, white, and stainless steel don’t hold a candle to their multi-colored battery buddy, the fairest of them all.

One Battery

An iTaste VV4 is a battery in its own right, so when you purchase it don’t go looking for spare batteries. The cell lasts as long as it will recharge, roughly 300 times. Its life is affected by how you use it.

Prevent the cell from becoming too warm and store the battery in a cool, dry place when it is not in use. Do not operate at the highest setting all the time or over-vape and you get more life out of the cell: the same number of charges, but with longer intervals between them.

Features of the Innokin iTaste VV4

This version of Innokin’s battery can reach up to 15W, controlled by the vaper using a single button and watching the tiny screen. Change wattage from 6 watts to 15 watts incrementally, 0.5 watts at a time, using the 750mAh or 1000mAh version of the 510-threaded Innokin iTaste VV4. It is also capable of variable voltage, 3 volts to 6 volts by increments of 0.1V.

Pass-through Convenience

Although this battery is rated for many hours of usage, perhaps a full day, pass-through technology is built in for your convenience. This feature enables the consumer to vape with the iTaste VV4 even when it charges.

Connect the cable to a source of USB power like your gaming device, iTaste MVP 3.0, or the computer and puff until bed time. When you are done, switch to a faster charger such as a USB wall adapter and let it keep charging through the night.

Although you should not leave batteries charging when the process is finished and should remove the cell when you get up for a glass of water, modern systems protect consumers from over-charging.


The iTaste VV4 by Innokin will not overcharge. As the battery is used, it will also indicate that recharging is needed so that voltage doesn’t drop too low and harm the battery for the future. An ohms meter ensures no atomizer coil with sub ohm resistance will operate with the device while the meter also tells you the resistance rating of an appropriate clearomizer such as the iClear 16.

A tiny screen depicts your puffs, voltage, and wattage. Enjoy protection from a short circuit and protect curious children with the on/off switch which also prevents loss of battery power when the cell is not in use.


Some VV4 kits are literally just the battery and a cord. Others contain an iClear clearomizer, also by Innokin. It looks unusual with its cylindrical shape above the pillar-type battery, but this pairing is familiar in vaping circles.


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