Apollo VTube V3.0 Review

Apollo E-Cigs was once known as a cigalike company that also sold upgrades, but you can’t say that anymore. Now, theirs is an intermediate-to-advanced selection which also features a cigalike kit (the Extreme). The tables have turned, thanks in part to their VTube.

The VTube V3.0

This Provari-style device is sold individually or in a package with necessary accessories and gives the vaper a chance to find out what real control means.

It was great when pressing a button made a battery dance to your tune, but the VTube is not a battery: it’s a control tube, and Apollo has made it even better with the addition of higher wattage.

Apollo VTube V3.0 Review

A VTube is like a command center. It contains a microprocessor which, when powered by a battery, operates the system to produce variable voltage, wattage, and monitor what is happening.

For example, the VTube knows what the resistance of your atomizer is. That’s how it arrives at what voltage to choose when you decide on wattage between 1 and 20 (adjustable at increments of 1 watt at a time).

You can choose voltage instead. Use a chart supplied by Apollo to make sure the resistance of your clearo or tank and the voltage you selected are in a compatible range.

The tube is vented so it won’t get too hot. A spring-loaded bottom cap supports a single 18650 battery.

On the tube you see a small rectangular screen for displaying power, battery charge, or resistance. Below this are two very small buttons featuring plus and minus symbols for setting power.

A big circular firing and locking/unlocking button rests below them. Threading is also spring-loaded so you can fit almost any clearomizer or tank to the VTube V3.0. Apollo has tweaked their APV several times to make it competitive with other mid-range tubular APVs.

Optimum Value from a Starter Kit

Since you are going to need the other stuff too, just buy a kit and save yourself some money. The VTube V3.0 set for $119.95 features a single 18650 battery, Protank 2 clearomizer, Trustfire charger, plus a carry case to keep it all tidy. Add juice from Apollo’s impressive selection of flavors costing $6.95 for 10 ml.

Flavorful Apollo E Liquid

Many e cig companies make their own e liquid. Volcano, Halo, Vapor4Life, and others sell high-quality, American-made juices.

Customers are in complete control, so it is up to manufacturers to make their flavors as appealing as possible. At Apollo, their standards and flavors are equally impressive.

Firstly, Apollo makes and bottles their liquids in Livermore, CA, under the supervision of a chemist. Fruit, tobacco, desserts, and mint or menthol-type juices combine to provide more than 30 options at a maximum of 2.4% nicotine. French Vanilla, RY4, Watermelon, and Clove are some of their flavors.

More from Apollo

In the past couple of years, Apollo’s selection of batteries has leaned more and more towards the needs of heavy smokers for whom a cigalike battery is insufficient. This is evident in their choice of Superior and Luminous batteries: eGo and EVOD cells in everything but name.

Add the Valiant and now the VTube V3.0 and Apollo can compete with most all-purpose vape stores that cater to mid-level vapers.

Their selection includes every accessory and spare part Apollo products will need to continue producing excellent flavor and thick vapor for their customers. Apollo is one of the country’s top-rated e cig companies.

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