Top 3 E-liquid Vape Pens

Finding the best e-liquid vape pen is a major priority for both beginners and seasoned vaping enthusiasts. The ideal choice provides a superb vaping experience without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.

Previously, vapor pens came with traditional characteristics, such as high-ohm coil clearomizers, 650 to 1000 mAh batteries and were fairly lightweight. Meanwhile, newer models go beyond these boundaries. Many devices have bigger, more powerful batteries capable of supporting sub-ohm resistances.

To make the right decision when selecting a vape pen, you need to consider your specific requirements and preferences. Purpose plays an important part in the selection process. The battery’s size and capacity are also key factors. Bigger batteries tend to perform better but they are not ideal for portable units. The capacity is indicated through battery life as mAh (milliamp hours).

Also, consider temperature and voltage. Some vapor pens operate at fixed ranges while others allow you to select a desired setting for voltage and temperature. This means you can set the ranges based on a specific e-juice or desired vapor production.

On the other hand, the size of the tank enables you to go for long periods without needing to refill. A vape pen with a 2 milliliters (or 0.07 ounces) tank is a good option. Yet, bigger tanks are generally the best.

Best vape pens on the market

1. Halo Triton Vape Pen

The Halo Triton comes with a classic-style eGo appeal and is a lightweight option available on the market. It uses eGo-style batteries, which range between 400 to 1300 mAh. The kit come with a USB charger, two 2.4 ml Triton tanks, free 30 ml bottle of e-liquid, mouthpiece cone and two batteries (either 400 or 650 mAh).

The 1300 mAh battery allows you to enjoy longer vaping sessions without worrying about recharging, and is a little bigger.

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2. Aspire CF VV

The Aspire CF-VV+ is a much larger vaporizer when compared to the more basic devices. It boasts a substantial battery life and allows you to adjust the power delivered to the atomizer.

It comes as no surprise that this unit ranks high on the market. The Aspire CF VV Vaporizer has a distinctive carbon fiber exterior in addition to a front-facing flat fire button.

You can adjust the voltage between 3.3 and 4.8 volts to suit your specific requirements. The voltage settings can be adjusted using a dial located on the bottom part. The pen’s battery has an impressive capacity of 1,000 mAh. This should be sufficient for a whole day of vaping.

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3. Kanger Evod VV

The Evod VV from Kanger is a high-powered option that can be likened to the CF-VV+. It offers variable voltage settings. You can simply adjust the unit’s voltage using dial found at the base of the battery. It also comes with a 1,000 mAh battery. The Evod VV is a more affordable option that is available outside a pre-defined kit.

The device’s voltage ranges between 3.2 and 4.8 volts in increments of 0.4 volts. This is aimed at allowing fine control of the settings.

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Guide To Vapor Pens

Vaporizer pens come with an elongated body that looks like ordinary office pens. The devices provide a number of key benefits, including portability and lightweight construction.

The pen-style vape features three main parts, which comprise the battery, mouthpiece and heating chamber. The later can either come with a specialized heating element for oil and other concentrates or a heating coil designed for dry herb vaping.

Electronic cigarette isolated on white backgroundBattery

The battery plays an important role on the device. It allows users to enjoy the vaping experience anywhere, anytime. Vapor pens typically use lithium batteries, which provide superior performance.

This translates to longer vaping sessions while on the go. However, battery performance is determined by a wide variety of factors.

A vapor pen with an energy-efficient heating element can work for longer before recharging is needed. The automatic shut-off feature also helps conserve battery power when set to switch the pen off after a short period (when left idle).


The mouthpiece provides a pathway for the vapor. The flavors rise through the chamber to reach the mouthpiece when the heating element vaporizes the material located in the oil or herb tank.

The mouthpiece typically comes with heat-resistant and inert material, such as Delrin. This is aimed at maintaining the quality of vapor that reaches the user’s mouth.

Many manufacturers use rubber when making the mouthpiece. Doing so eliminates the plastic smells, which helps maintain purity of flavors.

Heating chamber (atomizer) for herbs

Some heating chambers come with an exposed coil that allows the pen to work with either waxes or dry herbs. However, this type of design is known to cause combustion since the material comes into contact with the coil. As a result, the dry ground herbs will cause smoke. This is not ideal for users who vape for medical purposes.

For this reason, some manufacturers designed a mechanism that eliminates the possibility of combustion. The pens are fitted with an embedded heating element. The herb and the heater core do not come into contact.

Heating chamber (atomizer) for concentrates

When it comes to concentrates, the metallic coil functions as the primary source of heat. The coil’s wire wraps the wick material. This configuration is designed to enable the melted wax or oil to seep through the fabric into the coil. The design makes it easier for any remaining wax or liquid to get absorbed.

The walls of oil cartridges are usually transparent. They can be made from either polycarbonate or glass, which makes it more convenient for the users to keep an eye on the amount of material left in the tank. Some manufacturers emboss or print gradations on the walls. This is designed to provide accurate measurements.

Each device is capable of handling a particular material. For this reason, it is best to avoid using the wrong material in the vaporizer. Oils should not go into a pen built for dry herbs and vice-versa. Disregarding this rule can damage the unit and nullify the manufacturer’s warranty.


The majority of vaping customers prefer vapor pens. This is despite the quality associated with desktop and portable vaporizers. The pens are portable and ready for use. The buyer simply needs to press the power button and the unit prepares the vapor within seconds.

Meanwhile, desktop and portable models require more time before vapor is ready. The preparation process is handled by complex components. The convection-type heating mechanism and temperature controls also contribute to a lengthy vaporization process.

The vapor pen’s slender body allows users to store the unit in a discreet manner. It fits in pockets and small bags, which is ideal when on the go. Many people prefer these devices because they emulate the age-old smoking tradition. They achieve this objective without exposing users to harmful smoke.

The vape pen provides a viable option for anyone planning to quit smoking but still enjoys emulating the experience through vaping. The majority of these devices come with bottom parts that light up when the user draws some vapor. The same applies to the combustible part. Portable and desktop variants are well suited to moments when one is relaxing at home. They are also ideal for vaping enthusiasts whose tolerance levels are high.

The devices are a great choice when looking for a premium vapor quality. The vape pen is a great tool for beginners and anyone looking for flexibility as well as affordability.

Vape pen categories

Vape pens fall under a variety of categories. Users are truly spoiled for choice.

Dry herb vaporizer pens

Dry herb vaporizer units often feature heating coils. They are easy to use, which is great for beginners and veterans alike. One simply needs to load the material in the herb chamber. The herbs sit directly on top of the unit’s coil. The pen transfers heat from the coil to the material through a process known as conduction. These models expose the herb to high heat, which is a concern for some users.

Vaporizer pens for wax and waxy oil

Opting for wax and waxy oil pens allows users to enjoy the benefits associated with these types of oils. They come with higher levels of THC per gram. This means a little goes a long way. The oils have the capacity to work well with exposed coils. Some manufacturers offer devices capable of handling both wax oils and dry herbs.

Oil and e-juice vaporizers

E-juice vaporizers or e-cigarettes can handle liquids, such as e-juices and oils. They are fitted with a polycarbonate or glass cartridge. The cartridge also comes with a wick designed to absorb the liquids. The devices must be leak-free to prevent loss of material.

Multipurpose vaporizers

The units provide added convenience associated with all-in-one vape pens. However, the tanks and cartridges cannot handle both concentrates and dry herbs. The liquids require a specialized design to ensure proper vaporization. A spill-proof cartridge is needed when using oils.

Choosing the ideal vape pen

The choice of the ideal vape device boils down to the user’s specific preference or taste. In addition, the selection is determined by tolerance levels and purpose.

For medical marijuana users, there is a huge need to pick the healthiest vaporizer. The units should not emit any smoke. Units with an embedded heating element are designed to prevent combustion of herbs that leads to smoke.

Some medical marijuana users infuse the herb with food. This creates a potent vaping experience without compromising on health.

On the other hand, experts recommend that beginner recreational users should stick to dry ground materials. These types of materials have predictable and subtle effects. Meanwhile, users who just quit smoking can opt for e-cigarettes, which are specially designed for the purpose. They lessen the burden of letting go of nicotine. E-cigarettes can handle concentrates that contain nicotine.